It is the right program if you have short time but you really want to get a dive certification?
The time required is less than for the Open water diver course, leading to a limited certificate, being ideal if you plan to dive essentially with a dive guide.

What you learn: all the basics to dive through the knowledge development and the skills improving in the swimming pool, that will be of use during your dive in open water and will help you to appreciate the underwater world to such an extent that you will go diving whenever you can!
During the course you will learn the knowledge and improve relevant skills on practice:
– Ability to set-up included comfortable descent/ascent and the underwater breathing;
– Keep warm underwater, the ability to get more hydrodynamic as possible;
– Techniques to dive in pairs;
– Underwater environment and aquatic life you most probably will encounter;
– To prevent the most common diving problem;
– Introduction to diving from the boat.