Depth: -19 mt.
Difficulty: simple
Dive time: 45 min.

Suitable for all experience level divers, this dive can last 50/60 is a spiral dive: living from the sandy sea-bottom, on one side of the pinnacle, a landslide created the ideal habitat for various species of small fishes, while on the intact side there are groupers dens and a wide expanse of yellow cluster anemone.In the pinnacle middle a cranny is hosting a multitude of damselfish, very small groupers. During the ascent will be then encountered morays, octopus, sea-breams, crabs, nudibranchs, dotted seaslugs and hermodice carunculata (vermocane). This site is even more impressive in nocturnal dives, when also the Alicia Mirabilis shows all its beauty.